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About the Author

Born in 1983, Ian Quin is a disabled American (diagnoses: myelomeningocele who lives in the Louisville metropolitan area. He is a graduate of Indiana University and is currently self-employed.

As a long-time fan of science fiction and horror stories, Ian tries to create the types of stories that he, himself, would like to read. The end result is always something very personal and meaningful to him, but hopefully also something that others can appreciate as well.


The Author's Writing Influences

Rod Serling, Tracy Tormé, Michael Crichton,.David Koepp

Roland Emmerich, Lewis Carroll, R. L. Stine,

 Peter West, Marek Storm, Steven J Pemberton


From the Author

Becoming an author was not something I ever aspired to before. I’m the type of person who is always thinking of creative ideas, but most of them just don't seem worth pursuing; either because I am too lazy or just too scared to try them. Still, my mind won’t stop conceiving ideas and I had to find a creative outlet that would allow me to produce something within my limitations. So I decided to try writing fiction.

I’m actually not much of a reader in recent years. I used to read more as a child, but now the majority of my knowledge of storytelling comes from watching film and television, particularly in the genres of science fiction and horror. Now that my first book is published, I think I might start reading more, not just to improve my writing skills, but also because I now have a greater appreciation for what is involved in writing stories.

I would be lying if I said that the main character of Advancement of the Species wasn’t at least partially inspired by my own life. Being that he was the first character I created for the story, I thought that if he was going to have any real depth to him that I would have to write about what I knew best. That's not to say that there are some very significant differences between the character and myself, however. Just for example: I do not have Tourette syndrome and my mother is not the cruel, coldhearted character of the story. Later on in my writing, I was able to create other characters with very little in common with myself who I believe have good depth of character.

       Advancement of the Species is currently only available as an eBook and I have not yet attempted to be published on paper. Being a first time author who has currently only produced a single novella-length story, I do not think that any traditional publisher would be interested. Nor would any 'vanity press' be worth the time and money involved. When I create additional books in the future, they could possibly be combined into a larger collection that would be more attractive to traditional publishers. I have thought of many ideas for future works, and I am very eager to bring them to light.

      Well, I've rambled on enough. I think I've probably written more on this webpage alone than some members of my family hear me speak in a year.

     —Ian Quin









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